When. . . seriously. . . WHEN did it become socially acceptable to spew foul language absolutely everywhere?

It is is bad enough to pick up a book with “adult” content, and find some there, but to pick up a book written for teens and find nasty language and sensual behavior that really belongs behind closed doors, it’s no wonder our kids don’t understand how to be adults.

They think they have to talk that way because their friends do – or the characters on TV, in video games, and even in books.

Sadly, teens are not learning to handle real life situations from books and movies and video games. They’re learning all about the worst possible ways that teens handle things – and only seeing the consequences of those bad choices.

We should be giving our teens uplifting stories that empower them, stories of hope, stories of good triumphing over evil, stories of teens making good choices and earning the rewards of doing things the right way!


Sadly, this does not bode well for my reading habits.


I used to pick up young adult novels because I knew they would at least be clean reads.

Since that is no longer the case, I will be reading less and less YA novels – and recommending less and less to others as well.

©Naomi Claire 2018

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